Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Drinking and Jiu Jitsu…

The weekend was a blast I hope everyone enjoyed whatever craziness they think they might have had. Until you all realized it was Monday again and now we have a little time to prepare for our new hangovers!!!

I went to the beach over the past weekend and drank as much as humanly possible once again I also surfed and I also decided that a little wrestling and maybe some Jiu Jitsu would be good! I figure maybe if I could submit someone on the beach I might be able to have enough clout to find god or at least claim that I might have seen him.

This dude was submitted and then made a example of, I think... I can't really remember this dude might actually be me... Shit!!!

Moral of the story do not drink and run around the beach trying to submit random people. Still no god search continues.

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