Monday, June 22, 2009

Mondays Wasted Weekend Pic Drop

Sorry for the late post, shit its almost midnight around here! I has some boating and drinking to do, i tried to wake board but was way to hammered to get up on the board and just ended up eating shit a couple times. Water doesn't feel like water when you crash.

...anyway this Monday i give you a great set of pics from this weekend. This girl was hammered and someone was playing a little dress up game. Scroll slowly so you can laugh harder and harder as it gets worse and worse.

Dudes only, haha She is lucky the only thing they are slapping on her face is marker.


Is that a candy cain? ...just keeps getting better.

oh, someone wantes to look fancy...

Nice Cigarette

now it is all starting to make sense... not really

Still smokin

safety first when skaeboarding

Looks like she finally found her pot of gold! hahaha

Check back every Monday for photo updates on the weekend's search for god. If you have any from your searches send em over Sunday and ill get them up!

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