Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Man Runs Naked Through Wendy's & Steals French Fries

I like this guy, i dont see why the cops think its such a problem... In fact I probably know a few guys in college that it might be. (dont worry Matt, i wont turn you in if its you)

A woman was robbed of her French fries Saturday night at a drive-through in Langley by a naked man who swiped the meal.

RCMP Langley say the woman was at a Wendy's Restaurant in the 20200 block of 64 Avenue around 9:30 p.m. when the suspect approached her.

The victim said she was waiting at the drive-through for her order. When the attendant passed her fries through the window, an entirely naked man in his 20s ran between her car and the window and stole her food.

The man jumped into a silver van and sped off in an unknown direction with her fries.

Other than the age range of the suspect, the woman and restaurant employee could not provide further description.

The victim's side-view mirror was slightly damaged when the naked suspect ran between her car and the restaurant.

Police patrolling the area were not able to locate the van.

Hahahaha,, I couldnt find any footage of this event but i think i have some better video of naked fast food patrons.

Besides, who wants to see a dude naked anyway

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