Friday, June 12, 2009

God hates the Los Angeles Lakers.....

Only two posts in to this crazy, crazy realm of non-intellectual ramblings, and I think my search is over!!! And the answer is.....God may not Exist :O!!!!

Stay with me for a second as steer towards a segment slightly jilted towards those sports fans among us. ....

This is the way i see things: If there is a God, then he would in no way shape or form let the Los Angeles Lakers be prosperous. Lets add things up here. LA is a decaying remnant of a Striking metropolis that once upon a time stood for the shining beacon of stars and starletts giving the common man, woman and child someone to be in awe of and aspire to emulate. LA is now a despicable town of broken dreams and crushed aspiration, where the woefully self appreciating stars of the silver screen fall in love with their own face and ideas of who they think they are and how special they must be to stand head and shoulders above us mere peasants. As these "stars" advocate AA and how much its made a change in their self righteous lives, they quickly stumble back into a drink and drug induced cataclysm of imperfection as the vultures known as the paparazzi scramble to get the best shot of today's young scarletts exposed crotch.

Add to this that the Lakers best player is at worst a Rapist and at best an Adulterer, and i dont care how much glitter the so called "City of Angels" dispenses upon his head, dirt like that dont rub off.
So here in lies my failing to see god as a Lakers basketball fan, rubbing elbows with ol' Jack Nicholson while talking on his Blue-tooth, wearing sun-glasses indoors and shooting the double-guns at some blond-headed bimbo Lakers dancer who came to LA to be an Actress, yet will leave a hopeless, pennyless broke down and used skank-muffin, but for the moment at least may think shes the cat's meow cause she blew Colin Farrel last night and gave Christian Bale a reach around before brunch.

Which is why if there is a God then LA will lose this NBA Final series, to a team from a City, and State for that Matter, which most Latte Slurping douche Nuggets in the Golden(spray) State, think is just a staging point for Disney World where Hoedown Hillbillies shop at Wally World and Bang their sisters, and Speedo ridden European Tourist strut their chest-bushes at our local shorelines.

Know what? The Hell with it! Well bring on that weak Shit LA, and Ill keep on searching for his holiest of holy! After all we don't have to keep God outta California, cause he ain't there!


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