Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things every dude should know and follow! Sucks to be you nerd!


1. Never let a fellow dipper dip alone
2. Always dip before any sporting event
3. Always dip after any sporting event
4. Always dip during laser tag
5. Always dip during long car rides
6. Never refuse someone a lip from your tin, even if its your last...
7. When taking a lip from a fellow dipper, never take a bomb, unless there's an understanding
8. Always dip in the shower
9. Never choose a girl over skoal
10. Keep empty tins as trophies and try to make something useful out of them
11. Dip in movie theatres
12. Never take a lip out without a minimum of 20 minutes... it is wasteful
13. Never waste dip
14. Don't put more in than you can handle
15. Always carry a handy spitter
16. Never let a tin go past its expiration date
17. When in a group of dippers, don't be the lone man out
18. Don't encourage someone to quit, let it be their personal choice
19. If you play hockey, you should be a dipper
20. Never rat out a fellow dipper
21. If you cant pack a tin, practice till you get it right
22. If you throw up after your first time, don't worry it happens, give it another try
23. Dont be a social dipper
24. Take pride in your Skoal
25. When in doubt, pack a lip
26. Remember, Skoal is always there for you
27. Always help a fellow dipper in need
28. Remember, the dipping community is a brotherhood
29. Pack a lip when droppin a deuce
30. Try every flavor at least once
31. Fuck pouches
32. Never leave home without sufficient dip for the ride there and back
33. never, under any circumstances, let a broad convince you that dipping is dirty
34.Never tell a ghandi you have an opened tin, they will abuse the rule of not taking a bomb without the understanding
35.Don't spit every 5 seconds when having a lip in, you'll dry it out faster and have to resort to the sip and dip....it just ruins the experience
36. Always carry your tin on you
37. Fuck Bandits
38. If you're a dipper don't buy that cheap stuff I.E Timber wolf....Skoal is the only kind....The only exception to this rule is Grizzly. 
39. Never turn down a minor when he askes you to buy him a tin
40. dipping is bonding time
41. While dipping on long car rides driver always gets first spit
42. Whenever a fellow dipper is running low on cash always lend them $5 to get a tin
43. If you spill your tin, it's ok to cry over it but the first thing you do should be to get as much back in your tin as you can
44. Even though this goes against rule 14, you should try a horseshoe at least once. Especially when you're pissed and you need as much dip as possible to get you over it
45. Coppehagan is second best choice to Skoal. But if going with just straight it should be Copenhagen
46. Third Man In Rule- If a buddy of yours needs a dip you give him one. If another one of your boys asks for a dip, he is not given one due to the third man in rule. 

Ex: Hey hands let me get a pinch. 
Sure buddy, here ya go. 
Hands, can i get a pinch too? 
Nah bud, sorry, you're third man in
48. Always dip while working outside and/or washing your car
49. Always dip when playing video games
50. Always pack a lip on the golf course... you'll play better
51. take pride in having the tin crease in the back pocket of your jeans
52. Always pack when fishing

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