Monday, August 10, 2009

Mondays Wasted Weekend Pic Drop

I didn't drink that much this weekend because my tolerance is low from not drinking every night of the week, fuck what's wrong with me..?

But somebody did...

Ill have to go out for a night on the town this Tuesday, my buddy just told me there is going to be some alligator wrestling involved! Bring on the Redneck attire and expect pictures.

Here is my bout Troy, he thinks he is slick because he hid in the bathroom. haha, i peed on him..

Now that's a prett good drinkin spot, i like the toilet paper all over the place *?

This is the just before i pass out face. I think her friend is gonna make out with her after she does...

Smokin, cupping it, biting it...

I dont normally allow beer on the bed...

Is that a cock sandwish? Classic!

Check back every Monday for photo updates on the weekend's search for god. If you have any from your searches send em over Sunday and ill get them up! (email link is at the bottom of my homepage)

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