Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Modearatly Indecent Proposal

Sex and sexuality in the 21 century is the schmoo of its time (see the movie : Lucky Number Slevin). Our society thrives on various sexual exploits, and thanks to the internet, speed dating and date rape drugs there is finally someone or some activity to satiate even the most disturbing of fantasies. I was recently engaged in a conversation with a co-worker as to the morality of implied under age pornography. She was questioning whether or not it is “weird” or immoral for older men to watch porn consisting of supposed underage women. I replied that certain men fantasize about younger women for a number of reasons; maybe they didn’t get any in high school and missed out on that pre-college firmness or maybe they just aspire to own a windowless van to fill with puppies and candy. Either way the act of watching something is very different from actually doing it, at least that’s what the judge told me, and while ethically or morally wrong to certain groups of people, there is nothing wrong with entertaining a fantasy. Id be happy to explain this in greater detail, why don’t we continue the conversation in my van; I have candy and puppies inside…

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