Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still Searching

Wonderful Day! I found God!!!!............... Or not. This may be my first blog, but its in no way my first Rodeo. I've been searching for the answers from the "Holy One" for damn near my entire life, and with the exception of an alcohol fueled rampage or 19, in which someone above must have either stopped me or saved me from doing something stupid/ignorant/Illegal, I haven't had a convo with the head honcho. Well at least not one were he talks back. Sure I think I've seen him a few times, like maybe in the sunset off of Siesta Key, or in the innocent eyes of a child right before he punches you in the scroat. Fact is that as we spend our life's working hours we'll never be refunded, in order for someone to hand us paper that has no real value except maybe to burn in order to warm our bodies, all the while contemplating the meaning of why we exist and whats in store for us, hoping that there's more to life then 30 years scraping pubes off a toilet bowl to be rewarded with a gold plated watch and a big FU. So we search, and the expedition, diligently, continues................

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